Considering my first blog for 2011 was welcome to 2011, I thought it fitting that this be a goodbye!  I realise one post in January and nothing again until December is rather slack.  I make no apologies, it is what it is!

I have had a rather eventful year and don't want to bore you with tiny details, my summary is I'm still loving my new job (which is now an old job... I've passed the 12 month mark, and, all is good on the home front, so no need to say more!

I am 2 subjects away from finishing the Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services and have absoloutely loved the subjects so far, they have been very relevant to my work in the aged sector.  I would love to go further once this is finished, and have been googling more Gerontological study options. 

We have a student here at the moment in our Allied Health Team, she is an exercise physiology student, our EP is mentoring her and she is off to all the different groups our EP runs.  Made me wonder about a SW student here .... maybe one day....

My old job at Centacare has recently been advertised and I understand they've found themselves a new grad from CQU.  I can't wait for them to start, will be good to be able to refer clients over when I have no more capacity and sharing ideas with other SW's is always a bonus.

Anyway, short and sweet.  I hope everyone has had a productive, happy and healthy 2011. Take care over the silly season!