I am excited to be back here adding an update to my life as a social worker!  It's been about 7 months since I submitted my final assessment piece.  In that time I've moved house and have been working in my first ever social work role!  I've also attended my graduation ceremony, put a hot heavy black robe on and a hat and received a piece of paper that says I've finished the requirements for a Bachelor of Social Work!  Yay for me.

Just today I logged into my contact page and found quite a number of messages from people who have visited this site.  I was so motivated by all your comments that I felt the need to add an update. 

When placement finished, I was offered a job where I had just completed my placement.  (What can I say... they loved me!)  I've been here ever since, but I feel my time here is coming to an end.  My position was only a contract, until the end of the financial year.  My calendar tells me it's currently May 24th, so I figure I have about 5 weeks to go.  If of course we are lucky enough to get some more funding in, then I'm keen to stay, but to date it's not looking likely.  That's the deal with getting a job with an NGO.  Nothing is ever really permanent.  I'm thrilled to say I've absolutely loved it here though and have grown and gained a tremendous amount of experience. 

Most of my work has been within the aged sector, and I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage all of you out there about to graduate, or thinking of a job change - to seriously consider the aged sector!  The learning potential is great, the rewards endless and the need for social workers is only going to increase as our population ages.  One warning however, it can be confronting at times - when I say confronting I mean this - the array of medical conditions that can develop in us as we age is huge.  Watching these people as they struggle to come to terms with the things that are happening to them has, at times, lead to discomfort or fear in myself - after all, whilst I still consider myself young and hip, one day, I will join the ranks of the "elderly".  From another perspective though, I am becoming aware of all the issues that surround growing older and being aware as far as I'm concerned, is being prepared! 

That's it from me for now.  I will keep this updated with my job search endeavours as I search for my next contract.  In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a social worker - I'm here!!!!