Hi Everyone,
I realise it's been a few months since I posted and people may be wondering if I managed to find myself a new job, or, if I simply fell off the planet!
Well, I haven't found a new job, but it's ok because my contract was renewed.  Originally it was renewed for 2 months, to the end of August, then at the end of August they renewed me another month and have told me that they will just keep renewing month to month.  Part of me is pleased, part of me is still stressed, who can commit to any plans when you know the end of the month may not see a contract renewal!  But I stay strong and hope that this current funding dilemma will eventually pass and then I can sign off on a more lengthy contract!  In the meantime, I can stay somewhere I love, doing the work I am loving. 

Today a colleague and I ran our final session of a follow up programme we offered to participants who attended a grief and loss workshop with us back in May.  Co-facilitating this group has been a fantastic experience for me, not to mention a real eye opener to the issues faced by many older Australians living in regional Queensland where, lets face it, services are severly lacking!  Next week we continue with our reminiscence workshops and these have been great experiences for me as well.  I will also be basing an assignment on the reminiscence groups. 

Which leads me to the second part of my Blog heading.... a student... again!
I have enrolled in the Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services (BHACS) degree offered externally by University of New England (UNE).  I commenced it in July and, if all goes to plan, I will have finished by the end of 2011.  As I already have work experience and the 4 year social work degree I was offered a place in the fast track programme, which is 8 subjects.  I have to choose a major and my options were ageing, disability, community services or counselling.  I have chosen ageing but am really quite interested in some of the subjects from disability and community services as well!  I also have a longer term plan of doing my Masters of gerontology once this is over.  I believe both UNE and Griffith University offer the programme.

Once again, if I can encourage anyone who is even vaguely toying with the idea of working with older people - do it!  The rewards are immesurable (spelling?), and the learning that I personally have been able to take from these people who have experienced a whole lifetime of amazing challenges, pursuits, sorrows, joys, pains and successes is simply inspirational. 

That's it from me for now.  Love to hear from you, feel free to drop by my contact me page and leave me a message.  I think I've worked out no one sees what you send me except me, but if you'd just like to email me directly, feel free: jennie1074@hotmail.com