I was going to use the title - My portfolio - Completed, but then I reflected and I have decided that it's not finished.  It's ready for submission for the purposes of my university assessment, but now that I have put all this time and effort into it, I would like to keep it as a work in progress for the rest of my career.  I can see the usefulness of having and maintaining this site as I now plan on using it as support in any future job applications. 

In the meantime, I present my summary of the process of creating this portfolio. 

The creation of this web site and its submission is a major accomplishment for me.  I did not realise just how much time creating the site would take when I initially made the decision to go electronic.  Even though I have prepared this site because of a university requirement, I have definitely benefited from the process.  Collecting, reviewing and collating previous submitted assessments allowed me the opportunity of reflecting on just how much I have learnt over the last 5 years.  I have been able to see the development of my academic writing skills and have even been able to reflect on how much faster I am able to locate relevant materials for assessments compared to that very first sociology essay I submitted a lifetime ago! 

Reflecting as I have on what I have learnt and where I have done placements, I take with me now a desire to pursue more learning in the field of family work.  Various theories, skills and practical experience on placement puts me in a great starting position for family work.  My first new learning goal is to expand my knowledge on child development. 

Overall, this portfolio reflects me.  Who I am now, where I have come from, what I have learnt and, showcases my preparedness to serve in my community.  I look forward to offering advocacy, counselling and case management to my future clients.  I believe the future also holds more opportunity for skills development through supervision and possibly further education and training. 

I am happy with what I have created.  I have tried to ensure flashes of me are evident throughout, whilst aiming to keep a professional presentation.  Creativity has been my goal and something I am further developing since starting to work with children. 

If I had my time over, I would begin the portfolio process in my first year of study.  The process of collecting materials to include in my portfolio was the most time consuming process.  I have had 3 computers during my time at university, which unfortunately meant that I did not have ready electronic access to previously submitted assessments.  Fortunately I have kept hard copies of my assessments in a box, which, on reflection, allowed me to sit and read at nights before bed, revisiting all my completed subjects and putting aside those assessments to scan and include on this site. 

Finally, I plan to maintain this electronic portfolio throughout my career.  I hope that as I grow as a social worker, this site will grow with me and will remain evidence of my professional growth and development.