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My portfolio - finally ready for submission - but not finished!

Posted by Jennie Whitley on Sunday, October 11, 2009,
I was going to use the title - My portfolio - Completed, but then I reflected and I have decided that it's not finished.  It's ready for submission for the purposes of my university assessment, but now that I have put all this time and effort into it, I would like to keep it as a work in progress for the rest of my career.  I can see the usefulness of having and maintaining this site as I now plan on using it as support in any future job applications. 

In the meantime, I present my summary of...
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The creation of my portfolio

Posted by Jennie Whitley on Wednesday, September 30, 2009,
I have spent the last 3 months putting together my portfolio.  This has involved me rummaging through a mountain of previously submitted assessments and certificates for various training sessions I have attended in an attempt to decide what I should include here.  Another huge chunk of time has been taken up by reading the wealth of material out there about creating portfolios and another (much smaller) amount of material devoted specifically to social work portfolios.  I did not find much wh...
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About Me

Finally - the end of my uni studies draws to a close and I am soon to sign off as 'Jennie Whitley - Wife, mother of 2 girls, (responsible) dog owner (and dog lover), sister, daughter, friend - and, after 5 years of ups and downs - SOCIAL WORKER' A self confessed internet junkie, an online portfolio seemed a logical submission for my final assessment - my Social Work Portfolio. Adding a blog was something I've added last minute - with no current idea as to where the blog will head, we'll just wait and see if it is something I update as time moves forward, or if this whole site remains as is and just another submitted assessment, potentially never to be looked at again. For those who have stumbled this way, welcome, pull up a chair, enjoy a cuppa and read as much or as little as you want.


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