I have spent the last 3 months putting together my portfolio.  This has involved me rummaging through a mountain of previously submitted assessments and certificates for various training sessions I have attended in an attempt to decide what I should include here.  Another huge chunk of time has been taken up by reading the wealth of material out there about creating portfolios and another (much smaller) amount of material devoted specifically to social work portfolios.  I did not find much when it came to creating a social work web presence, which was something I decided to do the minute I knew that my final assessment piece was to submit a portfolio.  By no means do I consider myself creative, but I do consider myself a devoted internet junkie and an online portfolio seemed the logical submission. 

Now, finally, with literally only days left until my submission is due, I am putting all my information together into this online format.  I commence this task with enthusiasm, excitement (my last assignment), a little dread (what if it doesn't work) and an unbelievable amount of stress (why did I start so late on the website development aspect!)

Fortunately for me, I have dabbled in website design over the years and, even more fortunately, there are a tonne of free website builder programmes and free sites available out there for people like me who want a web presence, think they can do it, but who (in reality), don't have much of a clue!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!