4 months since my last post, and so many changes and events.

Firstly, I wanted to take time to acknowledge and send out my best wishes to the majority of Queensland, my own town included, who are experiencing a major flood crisis.  My thoughts are especially are with those who have lost loved ones, and to those who have lost their homes and possessions, I hope that all the support you require (practical and financial) finds its way to you in the coming days, weeks, months and years.  I have family and many good friends who reside in Bundaberg, Toowoomba and Brisbane and I am extremely thankful to be able to say we are all safe and we all remained dry.  It's been inspirational to watch the recovery efforts and seen towns come together to help mop up.  Despite my NSW origins, I've been proud to call myself a Queenslander during this time.  To the other end however of the scale, to the looters and those dodgy people out there now trying to take advantage, there are no salutes to you, to you I simply say SHAME!!!

Secondly, I would like to say that my new years resolution this year was simply to not have one.  Past experience shows that I simply cannot follow through with anything I even remotely associate with a new years resolution. 

I have a new job!  I started a full time position with the Ozcare Allied Health team about a month before Christmas.  (After a 3 week break during which time I went to Sydney for my little sisters wedding - such a great trip!).  I am still feeling my way a little with all the paperwork, but my role is fairly similar to what I was doing previously - working with older adults in the community.  My personal action plan for this year sees me wanting to learn more within the grief and loss arena and also to deliver more workshops.  We'll see how we go!

To everyone reading, I hope that your 2011 is all that you hope it will be.  For those looking for change, I hope you find it.  For those wanting to try something new, take the plunge.  Most of all, take care, stay safe, and if you need help, find a social worker!!!!