Jennie Whitley - A Social Work Portfolio

The Practice Frameworks - Child and Family elective was a last minute subject addition.  I was not required to undertake any electives at all as I had received credit from subjects already completed at UWS.  

I thought however, that as I didn't think I wanted to work at Child Safety, undertaking the elective may either confirm this or swing me the other way.  I also thought Child Protection was something I should have an awareness of.  I have since learnt that as CQU alters the structure of the Social Work degree, the electives will soon become compulsory. 

I am glad that I took this subject as I am sure no matter where I end up working, the knowledge gained from this subject can only benefit. 

There were 3 assessment pieces for this subject.  We were given a case study and the assessment pieces were based around this study. 

Part A saw us having to create a genogram.  This was something we learnt during second year and I was keen to get a better understanding of how to create them.  Part B was around theory, and as far as I'm concerned, theory is something I will always be learning about. 

I have included Part A and Part B below.  Once again I think my marks for this subject showed just how interested I was in what I was learning and I did spend quite a bit of time writing, rewriting and researching for this subject.  If I ever end up in Child Protection, this subject has definitely assisted in skills development in this area.  


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