Jennie Whitley - A Social Work Portfolio

There were two assessments for the Community Analysis subject.  We were to choose a research topic and the first assessment was to be a literature review and our second piece was the methodology.  After a lot of 'Umm' and 'Aah', I settled on the topic of an alcohol prevention programme for Bundaberg High Schools.  With topic in mind, off I went and I absolutely loved this subject.  I couldn't decide which assessment piece to include, and as they relate, I've decided to include both.  I am very proud of the work I put into these assessments, and I believe my marks show.  I completed this subject in first semester of my final year and it was the first time during my degree that I wasn't also working.  I think my marks were able to improve because of the extra time I was able to spend at the library writing and researching.  


Lit Review.pdf Lit Review.pdf
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Methodology.pdf Methodology.pdf
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