Jennie Whitley - A Social Work Portfolio

This subject was one of the first that I completed, and it was not my favourite subject by any means.  I found the assigned text book very hard to follow at times.  One of the assessments for this subject was to hand in a summary at each tutorial of the chapter that was assigned for that weeks reading, which meant that I had to struggle with the text book - and I am glad that this was an assessment or I would probably have hidden the text book under my bed never to be looked at again!  

Politics and policy was something I had never really had an enthusiastic interest in, but I do see the benefit of having studied them.  An understanding of how policies are made, how we can influence change or how policy affects any given client situation can only benefit in my future work. 

The below essay was my final assessment piece for this subject.

Social Policy.pdf Social Policy.pdf
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